Vortex Coatings Inspection offer the following services.


Failure Analysis

Occasionally coating systems can fail prematurely, perhaps due to environmental, mechanical or chemical conditions. We can despatch inspectors to review documents and collect physical evidence. Laboratory testing (by third party) can also be arranged if deemed necessary, and an opinion offered as to the root cause of the failure.


Contractor Surveillance

Vortex Coatings Inspection can mobilise inspectors to both on and offshore assets to carry out audits and surveillance on coating contractors. Technical reports can be forwarded to the client on a daily or weekly basis. With over 90% of coating failures attributed to poor surface preparation, it is imperative that this part of the coating process is monitored very closely. Our inspectors can carry out independent tests to monitor surface condition and cleanliness that comply with a range of internationally recognised standards - ISO, NACE etc.


Dry Film Thickness (DFT) surveys

Having the correct thickness, number of layers and types of coating is critical to meet the life span of any asset. DFT checks should be carried out after each layer of the coating process to ensure compliance with the specification. In the case of dispute, destructive tests can be carried out to ascertain number of coats applied and, if required, samples can be removed for further testing and analysis.


Product Qualification Tests

We can supply inspectors to witness product qualification tests. There are a variety of tests that must be performed on sample products to ensure that the material in question is suitable for its intended use. The application process can also be witnessed to verify compliance with an agreed procedure.


Documentation Review

We offer a full document review service, this can be carried out at the client’s site or remotely. Coating procedures and inspection & test plans should always be approved prior to commencing any major painting contract. Our inspectors can attend kick off meetings on the client’s behalf as technical advisors.


Photographic Condition Surveys

Environmental and mechanical factors will eventually lead to breakdown of the coating system. Condition surveys form an important part of any corrosion management or fabric maintenance system. The information therein can assist greatly in the timely allocation of resources.